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Buying a home in Austin can be an amazing experience, but there are also a lot of responsibilities that come along with maintaining a home.  To help you get a jump on those responsibilities we’ve created The Austin Home Owner To-Do List.

Keep in mind that this guide is intended to be used as a reference and rough to-do list of simple and easy items that can help improve your homeowner experience. Not every item on this list is required: use your best judgment to act on the items you feel warrant addressing. If you’re thinking of buying a home in Austin, when viewing homes, this list can be referenced to help you assess the functionality of many systems within homes.

We’ve broken the list into 4 sections: Security, Safety, Preventative Maintenance, and Other Considerations. Let’s take a look at these important tasks that you may need to complete as you move into your new Austin home.


It’s important for you and your family to feel secure from the very first day in your new Austin home. Not feeling safe immediately can start you off on a rocky foundation. Here are some way you can increase your home security quickly and inexpensively.

Change the Locks

When buying a home, you never know who the previous owners shared a key with: maids, pet sitters, relatives, and the list goes on. Most locks can be rekeyed quickly and relatively inexpensively using a rekeying set or by a reputable locksmith. Have a plan to change locks or rekey soon after taking possession of your new Austin home. It will be nice to know that you’re the only one with the keys to the kingdom.

Replace Door Screws

Sometimes external door screws are an inch or less long. That’s not a lot of strength to stop your door from being forced open. Even if you live in a nice neighborhood in Austin, pick up some 3-inch screws, grab a drill and swap out the external door screws connecting the hinge with the frame. This is a very quick, cheap, and effective way to increase your home security.

Add Door Reinforcement Locks

Door reinforcement locks are a great way to add extra security. These locks are secured from inside your home and come in a variety of forms. When installing these locks, remember: the larger the screw the better, and be sure to be aware of the door thickness.

Add Window Blocks

Basic window locks can be defeated quite easily. Adding a 1-inch dowel cut to fit each window rail can stop a window from being forced open. When measuring each window, remember that you want the block to be as long as possible to stop the window from opening even slightly when the block is in place.

Reset Garage Door Remotes and Codes

You’ll never know who has your garage door codes saved on a device. It’s best to reset all the remotes for the garage door opener and change the code, then reconfigure the garage door opener that came with the home. You’ll need to reference the garage door opener and remote manuals, but if you don’t have them in hand, they can typically be found online easily.

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